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My experience at #WeAreDevs conference

About This Project

WeAreDevelopers conference was a real success this year in Vienna from 16-18May. A participation of 8000 developers from 70 Countries and more than 150 of the brightest minds in tech made this conference so special. Everything was so well-organized and thought in detail. The conference took place, at Austria Center Vienna. Some of the amazing and professional speakers of this event were: Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple), Joel Spolsky (CEO of Stack Overflow), Joseph Sirosh (VP of AI at Microsoft), Andreas M. Antonopoulos (Open Blockchain Expert), Ilya Grigorik (Web Performance Engineer at Google) and many more worldwide experts from leading companies

I had the chance to be there and enjoy many activities, workshops, speakers, booths from big companies such as: BMW, Microsoft etc. and a lot of development fun. The main topics of the conference were the technologies of the future such as: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Big Data, Face/Voice Recognition, Blockchain etc. So, for all the developers interested, these are the hot topics where you should invest to be up to date with the technology 😉.

Each of the booth was special, Microsoft representing itself with VR lens, AI using Face recognition to create statistics depending on the look of the participants in the conference, and Azure Cloud for sure was one of the Microsoft products you could learn more about; BMW with their VR lens used in cars and some Cyber security challenge; Nagarro using VR lens for auto racing game challenge; Blockchain booth and many more.

All the speakers were special, but one of them who brought 8000 Developers in one stage was Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple). He had an interview on stage with Monty Munford from Forbes answering some of the DEVs questions live, talking about his life, as well as how Apple started. He stated that the company started from a prototype and then the success came adding more and more people with passion for tech and innovation. This was as well the advice he gave to all the startups out there. If young DEVs want to create a startup, they should create a functionable prototype first, which they can show to the clients/investors and if they have a good and stable prototype, investors will come and support their product and by time the product will become better and better; and why not number one in the market 😉. His speech was very inspirational and motivating for youngsters who want to bring something innovative to the world. With passion and hard work, you can do anything.

I wanted to participate in the WeAreDevs conference, because the idea of being in a room with so many developers and tech professionals from all over the world fascinated me. I wanted to learn new things and get to know the latest tech topics, being so close to tools and people from leading tech companies.

I would like to close this article, by saying that this conference was worth it every minute. At the end of the conference, except the new knowledge I earned, I was feeling more motivated about this beautiful profession. I am now aware more than ever, that this profession can bring huge changes and affect positively people’s lives.

Written by Paola Lera